Is it Safe to Shop Online Using a Credit Card?

If you’re a credit card user, you’ve probably made the transaction online or online, right? Shopping online / online using a credit card is easy and easy, as you don’t have to go to the store to buy the things you need. With just a computer or smartphone and an internet connection, you can shop online anytime and anywhere. But have you ever thought about the security of your transaction?

It is important to keep an eye on the security of transactions you make online and follow established guidelines to avoid unwanted things, such as fraud and identity theft.

Well, Good Credit, in this article Good Finance will give you tips for those who are happy to shop online using a credit card to keep your data safe and secure, so check out the reviews below.

Use a Credit Card On Trusted Sites

Use a Credit Card On Trusted Sites

When you use a credit card for an online transaction, you need to make sure you do so at a secure online site or store. Having a good reputation and credibility is also a prerequisite when deciding to make a purchase on an online site.

One way to determine if a site you visit is trusted is to type in the name of the company/store and its products on Google and carefully read the search results. If you can’t find anything on the Internet about the online store or are filled with negative reviews, we recommend that you close the site and avoid any transactions. For added security, please ensure that the identity of the online store is that it has a valid address.

You may often receive emails with various offers or interesting offers that rarely require the click of the link contained in the email. It’s best to avoid clicking on the link from the email, especially if it’s unclear since it has the potential to lead you to fake sites that are designed to steal your credit card data. It’s best to go straight to the site you want by typing in the URL address.

Be careful when typing a URL

As Good Finance has explained in previous points, avoid clicking a link when you go to an online shopping site. When you visit an online shopping site, you immediately type in the URL address. Also make sure you enter the address correctly, as just one wrong letter can take you to a different site.

Please also be aware that the address of the site you have bookmarked in your browser can sometimes change, so it’s best if you want to buy something online, rather than clicking the site through a bookmark instead of manually typing the URL address. This is intended to make your online shopping transactions safer.

Make sure Security Before Entering Credit Card Data

Make sure Security Before Entering Credit Card Data

When entering your credit card data to make a payment, make sure you enter your credit card information on a secure site. You can check the security of a site by looking at its URL address to begin with ”https: //”. If not, it’s likely that the site is not safe for credit card transactions.

Also, another factor that determines the security level of a site to transact with a credit card is the presence of a padlock image in the bottom right corner or the VeriSign badge at the bottom of the page. Both icons indicate that the site uses encryption to protect your entire data.

Protect Your Computer with Anti-Virus and Anti-Spyware

This is the part you need to make sure before you decide to make an online transaction on your computer. Make sure your computer is protected from viruses and hackers who can take your browser to malicious sites where it can steal your entire data.

The trick is to download anti-virus and anti-spyware software and install it on your computer. Also, make sure the software is up to date, and update it as soon as the latest version is available.

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