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Good Lender: subsidiary of Lite Lender specialized in consumer credit

Good Lender: subsidiary of Lite Lender specialized in consumer credit

Lite Lender Loan subsidiary is specifically dedicated to the marketing of revolving loans, personal loans and loan repurchases. In order to ensure the best possible quality of service, Good Lender undertakes to respond instantly to the requests of its customers. For this, the company has adopted a simple but effective structure.

The sales department advises the client throughout the process, depending on his situation. The file then passes into the hands of the staff of the study service who will, in turn, make a careful study of the case. This will lead to a validation or not of the file. The client will be able to receive the funds he has requested within 48 hours at the latest. The customer service mission also consists in supporting the customer during the reimbursement period. He can also access the Good Lender site to manage his account himself daily.

What are Availis credit offers?

What are Availis credit offers?

Currently, Good Lender offers credit offers only to individuals who are already customers of the brand. It is for this reason that it is impossible for a prospect to know the details of the company’s solutions directly online. It is necessary to identify yourself in order to access all of the informative pages.

For Good Lender customers, the following credits can be contracted:

  • Personal loans (or consumer credits) to finance work, a new or used vehicle or any other project;
  • Revolving credits (or revolving loans);
  • Credit redemptions;
  • Credit reserves (amount of money pre-granted for post-release release).

How to make a credit simulation with Good Lender?

How to make a credit simulation with Good Lender?

Good Lender offers the possibility of carrying out a credit simulation directly online. The brand’s website remains simple and accessible to all. The following information must be known in order to carry out a simulation, to be refined according to your exact project:

  • The desired loan amount. It can be the entire project or a part if a contribution is made. For loan redemptions, the remaining capital due and the prepayment penalties must be accumulated;
  • The planned reimbursement period and / or the maximum monthly payment that can be reimbursed;
  • The desire to take out additional borrower insurance. This guarantee allows the borrower to protect himself and his loved ones in the event of death, disability or sick leave.

How to take out a loan with Good Lender?

How to take out a loan with Good Lender?

Only borrowers who already have a credit agreement with Good Lender are able to take out a new loan. There are two ways to do this: contact customer service by phone or request online. In all cases, Good Lender remains a 100% online credit organization. The company’s teams are however very available and particularly competent, offering them a privileged position on the personal loan and loan buy-back market.

Termination Available: instructions

Termination Available: instructions

Do you have a credit with Good Lender and want to stop it? It is then necessary to move towards a total prepayment. This operation consists in reimbursing the lender of the sums due. At Good Lender, all consumer loans follow the same regulations:

  • If the outstanding capital is less than $ 10,000: the reimbursement costs are $ 0;
  • If the outstanding capital is more than $ 10,000 and the repayment period is more than 12 months: the penalties that apply are 1% of the amount repaid;
  • If the outstanding capital is more than $ 10,000, but the repayment period is less than 12 months: the penalties go from 1% to 0.50%.

In concrete terms, a borrower who has taken out a loan of $ 20,000 for the purchase of a new car and who still has $ 12,000 to repay over 36 months will have to pay penalties of:

$ 12,000 x 1% = $ 120

Or a total amount to be reimbursed of $ 12,000 + $ 120 (+ interim interest) = $ 12,120.

How can I contact Good Lender customer service?

How can I contact Good Lender customer service?

A question ? An observation ? A demand ? Find out how to contact Avail employees.

Contact Good Lender via customer area

The personal space of Good Lender is accessible to all customers of the credit organization. Monitoring, management, modification, question: all possibilities are open online.

Available: consumer reviews

Good Lender customers particularly appreciate the expanded range of credits developed by the brand. At Good Lender, each financing need meets its solution: personal loan, revolving credit, car / motorcycle loan, work loan, loan repurchase, pre-granted credits, etc. In addition, the interest rates offered are competitive and attractive, regardless of the planned purchase. Comparing with other financial organizations is however always recommended!

Personal loan or revolving credit: which financing to choose?

To finance the purchase of furniture, the reimbursement of small personal debts or vacations, personal loan and revolving credit seem quite similar. However, these two types of borrowing must be clearly distinguished.

A revolving loan is characterized by:

  • A lower loan amount;
  • Faster availability of money;
  • A higher interest rate;
  • The replenishment of the money reserve as repayments are made.

Revolving credit is therefore more suitable for financing small purchases and / or unforeseen events. However, we must remain vigilant about the interest rate applied. Such funding can be very costly. For purchases planned or requiring substantial sums, the conclusion of a personal loan is highly recommended.

What other products is Good Lender offering to its customers?

Apart from the classic revolving loan, personal loan and loan buy-back offers, the Supply offer has extended to other products. It is thus possible to take out borrower insurance associated with a loan to cover his credit. In parallel and faced with the craze for this mode of financing on the part of the French, Good Lender allows the financing of a vehicle in LOA (Rental with Option of Purchase) for new cars.

What are the booking fees at Good Lender?

Sometimes a significant component of the cost of a loan, the application fees should not be overlooked. With Good Lender, knowing the amount is simple. For all personal loans and credit redemptions, the administration fees are proportional to the amount borrowed (1%). The revolving credits profit from advantageous conditions: 0 $ of expenses of file.

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